Woof & Purr™ Intelligent Water Dispenser

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Are you tired of constantly checking the water levels in your pet's fountain to avoid running dry and causing harm to your furry friend's health?

Do you want to provide your pet with constant access to water while also conserving energy and prolonging the life of the device?

Our Woof & Purr™ Intelligent Water Dispenser is the solution to your problem!

With its anti-dry burning system, the pump will automatically stop when the water level is too low and a red light will indicate the need to refill. The fountain is equipped with a motion sensor that switches the water on when your pet approaches, ensuring they always have access to fresh water. The LED warning system eliminates the need for constant monitoring, giving you peace of mind and saving you time.




  • 3L Large Capacity
  • Ultra-quiet and Low Consumption Pump
  • Powerful Filtering Function
  • Safe USB interface, no leakage
  • Made of food-grade PC material (PP)



Upgraded Water Pumb(Blue+Black) - only in LED +Sensor Version!

Anti-Dry Burning System: When the water level is too low, the pump will automatically stop working and there will be a red light indicating water shortage.


Filter Replacement Time:

  • The Charcoal Filter is recommended to be replaced every month for optimal filtering effect.
  • In intelligent sensor mode, the Charcoal Filter is recommended to be replaced every 2 months.
  • It is recommended to reserve 6 extra Charcoal Filters for a whole year of use.

Friendly Tips:

  • Please clean the pump regularly to extend its life



Sensor Description:

  • Induction range: about 0.2-2 meters
  • Input cable length: 180cm/70"
  • Output cable length: 19cm/7.48''
  • Automatic operation: when the pet is approaching, the running water will turn on automatically and stand by after filtering for 30 seconds when the pet leaves the sensing range (2-3 meters away).
  • Advantages: mute, energy-saving, prolongs the service life of the filter element and water pump, and can better attract pets to drink more water.


Important Notes:

  • The motion sensor can only be adsorbed on glossy and smooth surfaces, matte walls or floors do not meet the conditions. (It can be adsorbed to the fountain body).




In conclusion, if you care about the health and well-being of your pet, then the Woof & Purr™ Intelligent Water Dispenser is a must-have item for you.

With its large capacity, ultra-quiet and low-consumption pump, powerful filtering function, safe USB interface, and food-grade materials, this water fountain is designed to provide your pet with constant access to fresh and clean water.

The anti-dry burning system and LED warning of low water levels ensure that you will never have to worry about your pet running out of water.

The motion sensor, which automatically turns the running water on when your pet approaches and turns it off after they leave, is an added bonus that makes this water fountain not only efficient, but also convenient and practical.

Invest in your pet's health today by choosing the Woof & Purr™ Intelligent Water Dispenser.

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